Choice of Curtains for Different Window Types

The selection of curtain is a soft outfit link that in the later part of the family decoration. according to the living habit and house type of different person, the selection and collocation of curtain also have a good diversity of plans. Then, I will analyze the function of curtain and the selection of window curtain. You can make a conference and choose a more appropriate curtain type for your own house.

Normal Window

For the ordinary window, this kind of window is wide but not high, which can be fitted with ordinary cloth curtain and sheer curtain. Ordinary cloth curtain like blackout and velvet curtain can have better block effect after the curtain is closed. In normal circumstance, you can choose this type of curtain in the bedroom to make the space more quiet and dim, which is helpful for the sleep quality. Of course, if you don’t like too bright circumstance, you can still choose the high shading curtains in the living room.


Bay Window

Bay Window is a unique design in modern architecture. Because of the special structure of bay window, the sheer curtain is more suitable. It is best to stick to the bay window to install. It can let natural light in to keep the room bright while insulating UV light.


If your requirements for shading rates are not very high, you can also choose blinds and rolling blinds. Blinds can be installed in the window with lesser area, the position won’t take up to the space too much after being installed, it is to be installed mostly in bathroom room and study room.

French Sash

The area of French window is larger generally. So ordinary cloth curtain is appropriate. The cost is moderate and the decoration effect is good, such as Jacquard,Embroidery and Embossed Curtain. 


You can choose the most suitable curtain according to my suggestion and your own preference!

Post time: Apr-27-2022