How to Calculate Curtain Fabric Accurately?

Curtains are an important part of home furnishing, with functions such as shading, privacy protection, and decoration. The decoration of the curtains has a very direct relationship with the pleats of the curtains. For the reason that too many pleats look cumbersome but too few pleats are lack of beauty. Therefore, what is the appropriate quantity of curtain pleats to choose?


The pleat multiple can be determined according to the overall decoration style

Generally speaking, sheer curtains, blackout curtains, print curtains and jacquard curtains can be adjusted to achieve aesthetic purposes by adjusting the pleats. The more complex and heavy the style of the home environment is, such as European style and French style, the more pleats should be; the more concise and elegant the style, the less folds should be. Generally speaking, we suggest that the pleats of European, French and classical styles can be set between 2-3 times; while for modern and Nordic simple styles, the pleats are generally recommended to be set between 1.8-2.3 times.

Blackout curtain

The pleat multiple can be determined according to the area of the window

 The area of the curtains when it is closed also has a great impact on the beauty. If the window area is relatively small, the fabric itself will be less, and it will look looser when it is closed. For example, if the width of a window is 1.5 meters, then the multiple of cloth is 2 times, so it is 3 meters. But this is not the size of the finished curtain. Both sides of the finished curtain need to be rolled up, so the left and right sides are about 6 cm.

The pleat is only related to the left and right. Finished curtains have 4 sides, is equivalent to 24 cm. In other words, if the window is 1.5 meters, we need 3.24 meters fabric at least. The rest can be done in the same manner.

 curtain modern

The pleat multiple can be determined according to the height of the window

Generally speaking, the higher the window, the larger the multiple is, and the shorter the window, the smaller the multiple can be.


Hoping this article will help you a little in the process of buying curtains.

Post time: May-10-2022