How to Choose Curtain”s Fabrics and Patterns?

In the previous article we have talked about a lot of knowledge about curtains, this time we will talk about the choice of curtain patterns and fabrics.

First,the choice of curtain pattern

If you must choose a patterned curtain, it is recommended to choose the curtain with colorful edge, it is suitable for all kinds of room space, especially children’s room. If the bedroom is a little crowded, such as hanging a lot of decorative paintings, carpets and other decorations. This situation is more recommended pure color curtain such as sheer curtain and blackout curtain.

Blackout Curtain

If you want to choose a longitudinal two-color patchwork curtain, it is recommended to choose the light upper and deep bottom curtain, such color collocation in the visual can give people a higher feeling of the height of the bedroom space, but also will not appear top-heavy.


There are also many people like the American pastoral style – small flower style curtain, although the visual small flower gives a small and fresh feeling, but in fact, it is not good to match, if there are a lot of colors in the room and the elements are more messy, it is not recommended to choose the style of small flower. On the contrary, if the bedroom style is very single, you can also printed curtain with flowers to add some vitality to the bedroom!

Printed Blackout Curtain

Second,the choice of curtain fabric

Pure cotton curtain: cotton is easy wrinkle, poor shading and poor practicability, if you do not like the simple sense of pure cotton, it doesnt suggest to choose the cotton curtain.

Linen curtain: Linen is very natural fabrics, but it is not only poor shading but also very easy to shrink after washing, so it is also do not suggest to use alone. If you want this natural feeling of linen or Japanese style, you can choose imitation linen fabric or linen blended fabric, which will be more practical!

Rayon, velvet, chenille and other fabrics, in fact, most of them are blended and most of them are polyester. Polyester fabric is not easy to shrink.

Velvet set

The choice of fabric is not recommended in the material, but according to their own space collocation and the effect of the need to choose, so as to show the best effect!

Post time: May-28-2022