How to Install Curtain for Bay Window?

There is a majority of bedrooms equipped with bay window, which is a kind of windows that is different from ordinary window, it is also different with ordinary window when installing curtain, different curtain installation methods are different in beauty and shading effect. Today, we will discuss about the installation problem of bay window curtain. I hope these suggestions will be greatly helpful to you.

1.Sheer curtain near the window + cloth curtain near the wall

If you want to install double curtain with sheer curtain and cloth curtain, the bottom and sides of the curtain will leak light. Therefore, the shading effect of the curtain installed against the wall will be much better, if you pursue absolute quietness and darkness.


2.Install curtain near the bay window

If the curtain is near the wall, it will take up space if the bay window sill. If you think this combination is redundant, and you don’t mind the light leakage from the side of the curtain, you can also consider installing the curtain like jacquard and printing curtain near the window, which can keep the bedroom’s simplicity.


3.Corner curtain

The glass of some bay windows is U-shaped or L-shaped corner glass windows. In order to completely block the light, the curtain rails need to be cornered accordingly, so that the blackout curtains can be pulled to the side.



4.Roller Blinds

If you don’t have high requirements for shading, and you don’t like the view of curtains blocking the windows on the side, you can also choose the combination of roller blinds to make the space simple and elegant.


Among the various bay window curtain combinations introduced above, what kind of combination design do you prefer?

Post time: May-05-2022