How to use curtain to make cozy bedroom?

In home decoration, it is very important to use soft decoration to create warm interior space. As an important soft decoration material, curtains can play a very good decorative effect on the formation of decoration style, color collocation and atmosphere adjustment of the whole home space. So when choosing a suitable curtain, what factors must be considered? Take a look.

 1. Light demand

When choosing a curtain, do not choose too trivial and heavy curtain, which will not only increase economic cost, but also be a kind of encroachment to the vision of people and spirit space. A study abroad shows that people with a long time of single, too tedious article contact, will be in irritable mood easily. Additional, It is inconvenient for people to clean too heavy curtain. Therefore, many people just throw it into washing machine to clean it casually. 


If the room is not very strict with the light requirements, it is recommended to choose cotton or linen fabric plain printed curtain; If the room needs plenty of light, go for sheer curtain, thin cotton or silk. On the other hand, if you want to use curtains to block out strong sunlight, use a blackout curtain, velvet curtain, slightly thicker wool blend or brocade for curtains, and add a tulle lining for a better effect.


2. Personal preferences and habits

Mass-tone attune is the very important element in bedroom adornment, it has good adjusting effect to the psychological activity of the person, and it is necessary to foil atmosphere with different tones in different environment and different room. For instance, a sunny room can use cool color attune such as light blue and white, while shady room choose warm color such as bright yellow and pink.

sun block curtain fabric

3.Curtain style and material

Classic household design with heavy fabric and color composed can give a person a kind of very decent feeling; And the family of trendy avant-courier needs concise, fluent curtain even without any pendants. The small window is suitable for hanging a simple Roman curtain and the large window is the focus of the vision. Its style is various and workmanship is delicate. A suitable curtain will add a lot of color to a room.

Be in with the overall tonal of the bedroom and the circumstance that the style agrees, the material of the curtain pledges very important also, do not choose qualitative curtain of chemical fiber, besmear paint as far as possible.


Post time: Jun-14-2022