The Functions of Curtain Except Shading

Even if you did a lot of early strategy and spent a lot of effort on decorating, maybe it will still appear a few big and small problems inevitably. At this time, we have to rely on a few soft outfit designs to make for the shortcomings of the room! Today, I will introduce how to make perfect space with curtain for everybody !

Vertical striped curtains can make the space more “taller”

Perhaps some customers will feel that the height of the house after decoration is slightly not enough, there will be more or less depressive feeling. My suggestion is: you can choose some strong color vertical stripe pattern blackout curtain, also try not to do curtain head, so you can give a person a high space visual effect.

office window curtain

Light curtains can “brighten up”

Light is always a big problem for ground floor or poorly oriented houses. Actually such house can choose light color curtain with cabinet designs completely, the burnish glance material is better. For instance, cotton silk fabrics, sheer curtain and other thin qualitative fabric.

sheer curtain fabric

Cool color fabrics make small rooms more spacious

 To small family character, the curtain that can choose light color and cool color attune to decorate. It is also a right choice to add some plain, clean and small-sized designs to the curtain like print curtain and jacquard curtain. Because cool tone often can create a spacious, elegant visual effect.


Horizontal straight line curtains can “widen”

To too narrow or too long room, the curtain of transverse linear design should be good choice. Additional, you still can be installed in the two ends of long and narrow room with the cloth art of striking design. One end has the curtain of practical function and the other is adornment curtain, which can lead to the back and forth echo at the same time produce the perfect effect of shortening the distance.

Luxury Curtain

Hope these suggestions are practical for all of you.

Post time: May-21-2022