Dairui Textile Window Treatments Sheer Curtains Draperies with Nautical Anchor for Living Room Ring Top Process

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Quality Fabric: Made of Durable Light Filtering Polyester and Delicate Thread Embroidery.
Ready Made:: 2 panel embroidered sheer curtains,W52xL84|panel,W104xL84|set.Sold as pair 8 metal grommets per panel with 1.6 inch inner diameter fit up to a 1.5" rod.
Embroidery Design:believe that everyone who yearns for freedom has a beautiful dream of sailing.The blue sea,the clarion whistle,the flying colors,the mighty warships,these mysterious things are also the children's favorite things.It gives you a feeling of relaxation and pleasure.May you have a relaxing and free mood every day.like the brave sailors on a ship

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