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High quality double woven fabric: the blackout curtain is made from soft class A velvet and black silk fabric. With the high surface weight of about 300 g/m², the fabric is supple and insulating. Our high quality blackout curtain is unique and extraordinary and gives your room a unique elegance and charm.
Light-proof and insulated: the velvet material of the thermal curtain is soft and naturally draped. With the material, the curtain can insulate the outside temperature both in winter and in summer and at the same time balance the indoor temperature. Thanks to the additional surface of black threads on the back, the opaque thermal curtain can darken your room well and protect your privacy.
Easy assembly: compared to traditional curtains, the velvet curtain is designed with a multifunctional band. Numerous transparent threads are sewn on the multifunctional band. With a hook (not included in the package), you can use the ribbon as a ruffle tape and mount the velvet curtain on the rail. Alternatively, you can pull the multifunctional tape over the curtain rail.
Care and maintenance: we recommend washing the curtain below 40 degrees. If necessary, you can iron the curtain below 100 degrees. To dry, let the curtain hang up and ventilate. Do not use dryer and do not bleach. Do not let the curtains come into contact with sharp objects to avoid damage.
Contents: 2 pieces of luxury velvet curtains. Choose from a variety of sizes and colours to choose from. After measuring your windows you can find the right dimensions with us. The product may be a bit wrinkled due to the special properties of the fabric and long transportation. The creases will disappear if you hang the curtains for a while or iron on a low temperature.

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